I been born here in the bush. No sleep thinking all night about getting the country back for the young people. Feeling comfortable to live in the country. No frightened, you can stop good.
Winnie Coppin comments on the Nyangumarta native title determinations, 2009

Winnie Coppin, daughter of legendary Indigenous horse trainer Tommy Gray, was the third wife of Peter Kangkushot Coppin. She had been working on Mandora Station, but while a patient at the Port Hedland hospital in the 1950s she decided not to return. The authorities told her she needed a permit to stay in town (the law still stipulated that no Indigenous person could travel without a permit), to which Winnie replied: ‘I don’t have a permit. I’m not a dog.’ She met Peter Coppin when she joined the group at the Two Mile camp.

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Nyiyamarri Pukurl (Eighty Mile Beach), Western Australia