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The 1946 Strike

rebels of the Pilbara

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The 1967 Referendum

the people’s movement

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Art and Music

of the community
for the community

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Speaking culture

language is who we are

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at the core of culture

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The Apology

a nation faces its past

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European settlement of Australia disrupted the ancient social order of the Indigenous peoples. There followed a long period during which they were not considered citizens, and their lives were state controlled.

Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre, Port Hedland
Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra

The struggle for equality, self-determination, and financial independence has been fought through significant national movements, and continues to rely on activism at a local level.

Here you will meet people of the Pilbara region in Australia’s north-west as they reflect on their journey towards equality in their own country.

Download the Marnti warajanga - a walk together learning resource

Please note: Indigenous Australians are advised that this exhibition may contain images and voices of deceased persons.